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FAQ Page

If you want to order a larger quantity of any article, please contact us. We will let you know if it is possible to fulfill the order and give you an estimated delivery time.  For large quantities, we offer a more favorable price.

The 14-day return policy does not apply to special orders.

Shopping in our eco-shop is safe. We offer you an affordable and comfortable shopping environment, and we are reliable partners. Customer data privacy and security are important to us. Customer data will never be transmitted to third parties, except in cases required by law.

Lambid24.ee may change the content of current shopping guide without any separate notice to the Purchasers, by changing the information on the website.
If, for any reason, the ordered product is out of stock or, for any reason the item has become unsellable, we offer the Client a similar product with an equal or higher value to replace the chosen goods. If the Client does not want to replace the selected goods, we instantly return the money paid.

Lambid24.ee is not responsible for any technical problems like Internet connection interruptions, server failures or failure to use the e-shop.
Our terms and conditions have been prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Any and all disagreements will be resolved through negotiations between the parties to find the best possible solution for the customer in compliance with Estonian laws.

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